How to move Magento from Local to Live Server

This is the method I used to move my local copy of magento store from XAMPP on windows to a shared hosting account. Whilst developing my store, the size of the database became fairly big, around 70MB. Enough to start complicating the process. After numerious failed attempts, i finally got the right method. Hope this helps you out, any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Local Server Copy 1. Login into your Local copy of Magento and change configuration > web > unsecured link & sercured link to {{base_url}} 2. This prevents errors with the file paths when you move the server and will be changed back later on. 3. Change the cache settings in the configuration to refresh and save. 4. Open myPHPadmin http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and select your magento database 5. You are now going to export a copy of the database, also know as a dump. Use the following settings: Leave all the settings as they are but use the “save file as” and use compression none. Live Server 1. In your control panel for you live server, set up a new mysql database with the same dbname, username, password 2. Unzip the latest version of Magento Commerce onto our root web folder 3. Install a fresh copy of magento using the same database settings 4. After a sucessful install, FTP your media folder and any template files you changed onto the live server, making sure that the file permissions are correct (i.e 777). 5. Delete the var/cache and car/session folder from Live Server 6. Login to the control panelfor for you mysql database (phpmyadmin in my case) and delete all the tables in you new magento database but not the database itself! 7. Import your old magento database using the Import Tab and following the steps. 8. Log into the magneto manager, and now change the {{base_url}} settings to reflect you new domain i.e 9. And finally give the cache settings a refresh. 10. Once complete, check your url and you should see your old site on the new server without any errors.