We love a good party. And a beautiful, fun, clever and creative party. Who doesn’t? But who has the time to do that every time? We do!

We have designed, created and photographed an assortment of parties – you know, the kind of parties that celebrate life’s most special events: birthdays, engagements, friendships, graduations, and family. We have thought of all the little details that make guests feel special (and hosts proud). Some of those little details we have hand crafted (actually, a lot of them). And others we have travelled and collected just for you.

In addition to the parties, you will find an assortment of “Basics” from mason jars to votive candles to cylinder vases, the things you can use over and over without breaking the bank for each party. If you can’t find what you need, please let us know. Scouring is what we do!


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